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I don’t know about you, but I’m always on the lookout for good deals that make healthy living a bit easier. Here are a few products and services I use myself and recommend for my clients. The links below are affiliate links. Please contact me if you have a product or service you would like me to review for inclusion!

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I get asked so often what my favorite supplements, books, household and beauty tools are that I collected them all in one place for you.

Groceries & Meal Delivery Services

Sun Basket is a weekly meal delivery service that has paleo, gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based options. And it’s 100% organic! I order once or twice a month to save time on meal planning & shopping!

Thrive Market is a great resource for specialty diet needs…you can filter products by need (gluten-free, low-FODMAP, vegan, nut-free, etc.) A MUST for anyone on an elimination diet!


Fullscript is the primary supplement dispensary I use in my practice. Here you can see the products I recommend for my clients. Click the photo above to sign up for an account and receive a 10% discount.

I use Wellevate (a NH-based company!) for supplement brands that Fullscript does not carry, and they also have a wide range of protein powders, essential oils, and beauty products I like. Click the link for 10% off!

Favorite Foods

nutpods makes delicious dairy-free creamers you can use in coffee or as a replacement for cream in savory recipes. It’s unsweetened and delicious! Use code THE.HORMONE.DIETITIAN to get 10% off!

Nuzest Clean Lean Protein is vegan, added-sugar free, and free of “weird” ingredients! Use code  TheHormoneDietitian for 10% off!

Purity coffee is organic, sourced from the top 1% of beans, mold and mycotoxin free, and highest in antioxidants. Use code MGROVESRD10 for 10% off! 

Fertility & Women’s Health

Lola makes tampons & pads from 100% organic cotton and BPA-free plastic. Why would you want to put toxic chemicals in your lady parts? Customize your box based on type of absorbency, and skip months if you don’t need them. Use the code mgroves3 to get $5 off your first order. 

With Proov, you can confirm ovulation at home with an FDA-approved progesterone test. Proov works just like a pregnancy test to show you whether you have enough progesterone to support a healthy pregnancy. 

Effortlessly track your cycle with a device you wear under your arm while you sleep. Tempdrop allows you to confirm temperature rise after ovulation without having to take an oral BBT every morning, and with only 3 hours of sleep – perfect for mouth breathers or light sleepers!

Guided Imagery & Meditation

Get 15% off of Guided Imagery & Meditation programs from Circle + Bloom

RD Resources

The best Instagram course to grow and monetize your followers!

Meal planning software for nutrition pros — Impress your clients with meal plans you can make in minutes!

The Functional Nutrition Library — a fantastic resource for learning more about functional medicine nutrition!

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