Struggling to find a healthy holiday gift idea for that friend, family member, or significant other who is committed to healthy living? Here are a few of my favorite things from my own kitchen…as well as a few items I’m hoping to find under the tree this year! Let me know in the comments what your favorite healthy gift ideas are!

1. Glass Meal Prep Containers – $22.49 on Amazon

I recently stepped up my food storage game and swapped out my old plastic containers for a set of these. They hold the perfect amount for lunch, they’re  sturdy (I haven’t broken one yet), and they don’t leak. Buy these for your meal prep manic friend and just think about how swanky they’ll look in your Instagram feed!

2. Paderno Spiralizer – $33.95 on Amazon

This baby can handle any veggie you throw at it…from delicate cukes to hardy sweet potatoes. Granted, it took me about an hour to set it up the first time I used it, but it’s worth every penny. Just think of all the money you’ll save not buying the overpriced pre-spiralized zoodles at the market!

3. Cuisinart Hand Blender – $24.99 on Amazon

This is one of my kitchen must-haves! I use it all winter long to blend creamy soups, from carrot to potato to greens. It’s so much easier (with less potential for getting burned!) than transferring hot soup to a blender. It also makes perfect mashed cauliflower in 10 seconds flat!

4. Yonanas Frozen Dessert Maker – $99.95 on Amazon

Okay, so this looks a lot like the microscope I had to buy for microbiology, but this funny looking machine effortlessly turns frozen fruit into “nice cream.” I’ve been debating getting an ice cream maker to make non-dairy treats, but this funny looking guy may fit the bill! There’s a less powerful model available for $58, but this is the one with all the 5-star reviews.

5. AeroGarden Kit – $99.95 on Amazon

How cute is this?! Living in New Hampshire, I can only grow herbs in my container garden 3 months out of the year. This would keep the growing going year round! Just kidding…my cats would totally eat this! But you should get one…I’ll be soooo jealous! This is the perfect healthy holiday gift idea for someone who’s interested in growing their own food but doesn’t know where to start!

6. Bees Wrap – $16 on Amazon

I first came across these sustainable, reusable food storage wraps at my local farmers’ market. They are perfect for wrapping small bits of leftover food. They are especially good at keeping bread and cheese moist! And the best part? They smell deliciously of honey! There are multiple sizes and packages available.

7. Modern Matcha Starter Set – $19.95 on Amazon

Have a friend who’s obsessed with matcha lattes? (Don’t we all?) Get her this modern-day tea set so she can make the matcha lattes of her dreams in the comfort of her own home!

8. KeepCup Brew Glass Coffee Cup – $29.97 on Amazon

The perfect to-go cup for the person who always brings their cuppa brew on the road. Made of glass with a BPA-free lid, it’s better for the environment and for the body. Works perfectly well for tea drinkers, too!

9. Justwater Glass Fruit & Tea Infuser – $21.99 on Amazon

This super sleek glass water bottle lets you infuse loose tea leaves or fresh fruit through its stainless steel mesh. It holds 17 ounces of your favorite healthy beverage…the possibilities are endless! And it comes with a neoprene sleeve to protect against breakage.

10. MooSoo Insulated Lunch Tote Bag – $11.99 on Amazon

This stylish lunch tote looks like it costs far more than it does! Look more professional when you’re brown bagging it to work! It’s lined with eco-friendly foil, is BPA free, and has snaps that open at the sides that increase its capacity.

11. InstantPot Duo60 – $99.95 on Amazon

All right, so it’s so basic of me, but I’m totally wanting one of these, even though I have NO room in my kitchen. The real reason I want it? To be able to make my own non-dairy, no-sugar added yogurt! No healthy holiday gift ideas list is complete without an InstantPot!

12. Kefir Grains – $18.99 on Amazon

See #11 above. 🙂

13. Black Truffle Sea Salt – $24.99 on Amazon

A great gift for any foodie, this kosher and non-GMO finishing salt would add a perfect touch to roasted potatoes, mushroom pizza, cauliflower, or just about anything! And it even comes with its own cute little spoon.

14. Thug Kitchen – Eat Like You Give A F*ck – $15.59 on Amazon

Know someone who’s trying to incorporate more plants into their diet? The folks at Thug Kitchen want to “inspire people to eat some Goddamn vegetables,” and they do it in a way that is funny as f*ck. Maybe not a good gift for your Grandma.

15. Lodge Square Cast Iron Skillet – $18.29 on Amazon

Cast iron pans are a great way to get more iron in your diet naturally. Just think of the beautiful meals I could make in this!

16. Prepworks Nut Grinder – $9.99 on Amazon

If you’re trying to lower your carb intake, this little gadget is a must! It grinds whole nuts into fine flours you can use to replace flour and bread crumbs in your cooking. And when you grind just the amount you need, the nuts stay fresher!

17. Bite Toothpaste Bits – $12.00 from Kind Labs

These are a fantastic non-toxic toothpaste. They are little bits that you bite down on and then brush like normal. Great for anyone trying to avoid chemicals! I love the Charcoal ones for whitening, but if spitting gray is too weird for you, try the Mint!

18. Organic 85% Dark Chocolate – $29.99 for 15 on Amazon

Know someone with a sweet tooth who’s on a special diet? These allergen-free, portion-controlled chocolates may be just the thing to give them a little taste of sweetness. And did you know dark chocolate is full of antioxidants? I’m in!

19. Fitbit Charge 2 – $148.95 on Amazon

I LOVE my Fitbit Charge 2. If you’re on the fence between this and the lower-priced Alta model, this gives you great information about your resting heart rate (so you can track your overall fitness and stress levels) and you can make sure you’re exercising in the proper zone. I am a data geek, but I don’t know how I lived before mine.

20. Aromacare Essential Oil Diffuser – $35.99 on Amazon

I bought one of these for our bedroom last winter to help with my asthma and my guy’s chronically itchy skin. I looked long and hard for a humidifier that wasn’t ugly, was quiet, and held enough water to run all night. I’m completely happy with the way this one runs! I put a few drops of lavender oil in it before bed for extra relaxation.

21. Muscle Salt Bath Salts – $11.87 on Amazon

These look ah-mazing! Epsom salts, eucalyptus, and peppermint relieve aching muscles and inflammation to stimulate muscle recovery. They are all natural, made with pure essential oils, and made in the USA!

22. Fertility Foods Cookbook – $12.23 on Amazon

Do you know somebody trying to conceive? This is a brand new cookbook written by two Registered Dietitians that incorporates foods that are known to boost fertility. It’s already a best-seller and Liz is a pal of mine! This is the perfect healthy holiday gift idea for your friend who’s trying to get pregnant!

23. Super Woman Rx – $15.93 on Amazon

Written by “Dr. Taz,” this is a fun book that allows you to find out your “power type”…I’m a Boss Lady (what a surprise!). It’s got a lot of great tips and recipes to help you balance your hormones and feel your best.

24. Avocado Love Pouch – $16.00 on Etsy

How cute is this little Avocado pouch? Obvi, I love anything with avocados, but this would make a great pencil case or makeup case for that food and nutrition lover in your life! I’m hoping this one shows up under my tree this year!

25. Nutribullet – $69.99 on Amazon

I actually own a $600 Vitamix, from back when I was working in advertising and could afford such a ridiculous thing, but our kitchen is tiny, so it currently lives in storage, and I use this little powerhouse every. single. day. It is so much easier to clean than a normal blender. If you work with me, you know what a fan of smoothies I am for getting in extra fruit, veggies, and protein, and the Nutribullet makes it stupid easy to incorporate this recommendation. If you don’t have one, get one! This is the lowest price I’ve seen them for, so grab one now!


Tell me in the comments what you’re wishing for this year!

If you’re looking for even more healthy holiday gift ideas, check out my Gift Ideas for Dietitians and my Detox your Meal Prep articles for even more healthy finds!


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